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Sven's SS-175 Project (2001-2003):

Sven's project01 aermacchi world02 aermacchi world03 new paint04

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engine05 aermacchi world06 aermacchi world07 aermacchi world08

aermacchi world09 new tires10 some new parts11 january 0312

13 street legal14 engine guard15 luggage rack16

new airfilter17 original seat for this bike18 new brake shoes19 BIIIIG license plate  (paracute)20


sand blasted cylinder head21 Varese22 New front Rim with new spokes23 Luxembourg 200524


Larochette, Luxembourg June 200625      

  1. Everything started with the frame of an Aermacchi Harley-Davidson SS-175, which I bought in 2001. They guy who owned the bike before, had used it as a lamp for his room. He changed the original 12V bulbs against household 220V bulbs, that's why you can see the plugs in this picture. Odometer showed 3881 miles at this time.
  2. I collected necessary parts for the restoration. I guess that the bike was the first SS-175 built in 1977, because of the vin "4F60000H7". Or do you know a better explanation for this VIN?
  3. I changed the front- and rear fender against some in better condition.
  4. All parts were airbrushed in original 1975 colors and design by Rene Andress.
  5. I bought a Cagiva SX-250 as a parts dispenser and used the complete engine for my SS-175. In this picture we had some problems getting the engine into the SS-175 frame.
  6. So many wires in such a small motorcycle. :-)
  7. Yeah, it looked like a motorcycle at least!
  8. In June 2002 I found a better exhaust (better chrome than the old one) as you can see in this picture and I also made some detail work.
  9. A saddler made a new seat cover for my bike. I also bought a HD chrome cover for the tail lamp.
  10. New tires (Michelin) for the front and rear wheels. Well, these are not the original tires but I wanna ride the bike and safety goes first.
  11. I ordered some small parts from Leslie in California, like the reflectors for the rear fender and a front brake switch to complete my bike.
  12. Different handle bar, reflectors everywhere, mirrors and a lot of small parts. So far the bike is a complete bike but it's still a long way to a perfect restoration, so there will be more updates!
  13. I am working on the luggage rack which someone modified to carry more stuff on it.. I am trying to get it back to it's original condition.
  14. Well, on April 29th I got the official papers to make my bike street legal. It took me some time, money and work because I have no old papers or anything for my bike.
  15. I removed the paint of the skid plate. Now it is ready for new paint or maybe chrome? I haven't decided yet.
  16. Skid plate and luggage rack are black powder-coated and mounted to the bike and they look really fantastic. I wish I had the frame powder coated in the beginning, but once I will disassemble the bike again to have the frame powder coated, too!

    First bike season is over, odometer shows 4326 miles on October 31st, 2003. That is a total of 445 miles in the first season since restoration. I will use the time till April 2004 (start of next bike season) to do some more work on my bike

  17. Jenny from Luxembourg made a great washable and reusable "K&N-Style" airfilter with better airflow for my bike. If you also need a special airfilter let me know I gladly give you her eMail address.
  18. Mark traded 1978 his 1976 HD Seat against my 1978 and later Cagiva seat and I am very happy about, because so I now have the correct seat for my bike!
  19. New brake shoes for the front wheel.
  20. A license plate holder to reduce vibrations on the license plate. Please, no jokes about the size of a german license plate, I know it is at least as big as the state of Texas ;-). The "Made in Italy..." decal is also new. Beside that, I made some minor improvments, and I changed main nozzle of the carb also. I use a 125 instead of a 115 now which makes the bike run smoother.
  21. New cylinder head. The Cagiva SX cylinder head with the cut cooling fins looked ugly. The HD cylinder head you can see in this picture is beed blasted to look clean again.
  22. For display in Schiranna, in September in Italy 2004. I also stayed some days at Lago Di Garda and rode the bike around a little. Here is an extra link with some pictures: Lago Di Garda.

    October 31st, the second bike season is over for my SS-175. Odometer now shows 4778 miles. That makes 452 miles in 2004 and a total of 897 miles since restoration. As in 2003 I had no technical problems this year.

  23. As the original rim was rusty and rechroming to expensive I bought a new Radaelli Rim with new chrome spokes. I also used the chance to change the ball bearings. (April 2005)
  24. My SS-175 on display at the Aermacchi Bike Spirit in Luxembourg. A pity, my throttle cable broke on that day, but however the wheather was so bad on that day that it didn't make a difference (May 2005)

    The third bike season is over. The odometers shows 4976 miles. That makes a total of 1095 miles since restoration. This year I had a little trouble with the throttle cable which broke twice because of my bad soldering knowledge, but now I repaired it perfectly and it should last "forever". I only rode 198 miles this year because of the trouble with the cable but also because I was riding a lot on my HD Low Rider.

  25. This picture shows my SS-175 for display at the Aermacchi meeting in Larochette, Luxembourg 2006

    The fourth bike season is over. I now have 5060 miles. Very few riding this year but no trouble in this year beside a broken horn mount because of good 2-Stroke vibriations.

  26. ...




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