Aermacchi Harley-Davidson M-50

Years built: 1965, 1966
Bikes produced:  
Price in: 1965: $ 225 + tax
Vehicle Ident. # (VIN): Example: 65M4659 (Year, Model, Number)
Engine: 2-cycle, single cylinder, 50 cubic centimeters
Bore and Stroke:  
Spark Plug: Harley-Davidson 5-6, NGK BP5ES
Compression Ratio: 10:1
Top Speed: approx. 45 miles per hour
Gas Capacity:  
Gas Consumption: approx. 180 miles per U.S. gallon
Transmission: 3-Speed
Carburetor: Dell'Orto
Electrical System: 6V / 23 watt
Saddle Height:  
Ground Clearance:  
Weight: 112.5 lbs
Wheel Rim:  
Tire Size (Front):  
Tire Size (Rear):  
Front Brake: internal expanding
Rear Brake: internal expanding

The bike was available with a two tone gas tank (red & white). Optional trail sprockets were available for the bike and also a luggage rack could be bought as option.
The M-50 was replaced after a short period of production by the M-65 which had a 65cc engine.

Picture No.5 is from Ed Boomhower, a former HD-Dealer and he wrote the following lines about it:
When the M-50 was the hot lick, I held a radio contest hosted by the gentleman in the picture (on the right). We sealed the tank with exactly one gallon of gas. He was billed as " Gentleman Jim" The deal was open to anyone to guess how far he would go on a gallon of gas. It stayed on the air for about 30 days. The winner got the bike. Jim went clear down into North Carolina for a total distance of 108.8 before it starved. The picture is Gentleman Jim presenting the keys to the lucky winner

If you need gas tank decals for your restoration contact the webmaster, I maybe can help you here.

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